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    Thrive Market

    My goals:

    Get stronger. Gain some lean body mass. Have more energy.

    I plan to achieve these by:

    Following the primal blueprint and concentrating on aspects of lifting heavy weights occasionally, eating primal and getting lots of rest.

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    B: the sax patented breakfast bowl (homemade granola, milled flaxseed, greek yogurt, blueberries and vanilla soymilk)

    S: boiled egg, plum, tea

    L: cobb salad

    S: boiled egg, almonds

    D: steak, grilled eggplant


    10-1, 9-2, 8-3, ..., 3-8, 2-9, 1-10 reps for time of

    95 pound squat clean



    in bed by 10m (which is early for me...going to work on getting to bed closer to 9pm)

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    B: sax breakfast bowl

    S: 2 boiled eggs

    L: heirloom tomato gazpacho (i have the recipe if anyone wants it)

    S: boiled egg, cashews

    D: bratwurst, grilled onions, grilled summer squash, grilled heirloom tomato


    shoulder press 5,5

    115, 120(PR)

    This was a 5x5 workout, but I am somewhat following the CrossFit Strength Bias prescription so when you get a new PR, you stop there. 5 reps of shoulder press at 120 is my new PR.

    Getting to bed here in the next 15 minutes, which will put me before 10pm.

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    B: sax breakfast bowl

    L: bratwurst, grilled onions, grilled summer squash, grilled heirloom tomato (leftovers)

    S: boiled egg, apple, almonds

    D: hamburger (w/ bacon, cheese, grilled onion, avocado, heirloom tomato and roasted jalopeno), mixed green salad w/cucumber and heirloom tomato


    deadlift 5,5

    275, 295

    Again, this was a 5x5, but 295 is a PR for me by 10lbs, so I shut it down there.

    Finished with:

    15-12-9 reps of

    handstand push-up

    chest to bar pull-up


    Full ROM head-to-floor HSPU and a new PR in deadlift. I am certainly feeling stronger!

    It's pretty late so I won't get to bed until about 15 or 20 after 10. Not too bad.

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    Primal Blueprint Expert Certification


    B: sax breakfast bowl

    S: 2 boiled eggs, almonds

    L: sashimi, sauteed halibut

    D: salmon salad


    walked several blocks downtown

    It's late, so I'm kinda blowing out my early sleep goal, hope to make it up on the back end!

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