I wrote a guest post yesterday on Kitchen Stewardship. She is a full time Christian and many of her readers are too. I simply answered the question: What is a primal lifestyle?

You can check out the post by clicking here.

If you scroll down to the comments you will notice a few people questioning the evolution theory because God created Earth which has been here for 6,000 years. And grains are in Genesis. I responded to the comments as best as I could.

But, if you had to respond to the following comment how would you?!

"While I find the subject interesting, I disagree with it for a few reasons, one of them being that as a Christian, when Christ called himself “The bread of life” meaning that he should be central to life, what supports us, and equate that with bread/grain…well, what more can I say to that?!

I do acknowledge that for some people, their human body has gone haywire, and does not function well with grain or gluten. But that is not supposed to be the norm of how our body was created."

Thanks guys!!