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Thread: Unrefrigerated Eggs

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    Quote Originally Posted by netbum View Post
    well, i survived! felt a bit nauseous right after eating, but i think that may have been the good 'ole psyche working overtime!

    1 down, 37 to go ... (10 broke in transit!) ...
    I'm so glad you didn't get sick!! Let us know what yummy egg dishes you make with all those eggs!

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    @angieh - sure will ... i'm kind of a basics sort of girl, though, so more than likely will have a lot of scrambled eggs "with" other stuff. one thing i did try, early into my latest primal plunge, was some good homemade chili over scrambled eggs ... YUM! it helped me get over the pasta i used to eat under my chili ...

    @steve and lx ... thanks for the reassurance ... i will eat up with a lot more peace of mind now!!

    @avocado ... i dunno what they would have done if i had received the eggs on schedule, but with 10 broken ... so far i am quite impressed with their customer service ... we will see how the next shipment arrives ... i just got some coconut flour, soap, and oil from them today ... very high quality products ... they definitely have a new loyal customer ...

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