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Thread: Primal Journal for Michelle (username ruby)

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    Primal Journal for Michelle (username ruby)

    My intro post is here.

    I hit what my brother calls the "mendoza line" a couple weeks ago, which is breaking below 200 pounds. I have been bobbing up and down and weigh 200 today. I notice that things slow down, Ive gotten to 199 before and just STOPPED losing so I am always going to be nervous until I get to 150.

    Every day I walk 4 miles. I would say in a month of 30 days, 28-30 of those I do the full 4 miles. I go the gym 3 or 4 days a week and do 2 days of strength training, one day of cardio (but I'm upping that to 2 cardio days this week once I heal from a minor surgery) and I am currently in a yoga teacher training program so I do yoga workout every other day.

    I use iPhone app to track every calorie and I keep it under 1300 a day, net (after excersize is subtracted. Most days I eat under 1300 even without excersize subtracted. I inadvertently use intermittent fasting! Today I just had dinner. I have been very busy. I have two kids and homeschool them and I take care of a small suburban farm (I grow vegetables and raise chickens for eggs which I think I have become sensitive to).

    My next mini goal is the next 20 pounds - to get to 180. I am trying to lose 2# a week and usually just barely make it.

    I started back in Feb but was definitely doing 80/20 which for someone my size and resistance, probably won't work. I started with 100/0 plus walking (I wasn't getting much excersize at all before) on May 16, the day after my daughter's birthday where I filled up on pizza and cake for the last time. I wear a pedometer and track my steps, as I said before 4 miles / 10,000 steps a day before I go to sleep. I feel pretty good, I do have more stamina and my migraines are ggreatly reduced. I have hashimoto's thyroiditis (low thyroid) and have eliminated all foods which aggravate the thyroid on this diet (see Mark's posts and The Healthy Skeptic blog). I also suffer from fibromyalgia which is improving.

    I am currently having Rolfing done to help with my posture and pain during excerisze. This is the year I am getting it ALL done. I take for supplements:

    krill oil
    DHA (Jarrow brand)
    Vitamin Code "perfect weight" vitamin
    a B supplement from rainbow light
    7 Keto
    a probiotic
    sugarless Emergen-c drinks
    vitamin D 2000 iu

    I eat just organic meats and green vegetables. I eat nothing fake, packaged or in a bag. I eat salads most days with chicken breast and other high protein, high chlorophyll meals! I feel really good. THis is the best thing I have ever done. I have also discovered the JOY of COCONUTS!
    I grew up hating coconut because of the gross dry shredded coconut on cheap baked goods but also from the "pina colada" flavoring on dental treatments. Now I eat straight up coconut oil as a supplement and I LOVE IT.
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    totally primal since 5/16/2010, 41 years old my journal
    240+/128/121 (I'm 5'3")

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