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Thread: Canola oil versus light olive oil

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    Canola oil versus light olive oil

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    Which is worse? I'm reconsidering my egregious abuse of the trader joe's mayo, but I'd need to make my own to fill the void. No way am I going to eat mayo made with evoo, and I can't justify spending even more money on fancy oils, which pretty much leaves light olive oil. Is light/extra light olive oil still better than canola?

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    Why won't you make it out of EVOO? You can get quality EVOO at fairly low prices these days. Light olive oil is like light coconut milk: worthless. Canola oil should not even be consumed.
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    Because it tastes ungood - I don't hate evoo, but I don't love it, and the few times I've made mayo/aioli with it, it's been way too strong for my liking. Sorry, I forgot to include that.

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    I presume she's referring to the strong flavor. Light olive oil is much more neutral. Not too many folks are fond of the taste of mayo made with a strong tasting olive oil.

    I think some have used avocado oil.

    I personally wouldn't worry about the pure olive oil unless the rest of your diet is already that pure.

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    I'm a dood, mang. I'll try the light olive oil - never bought the stuff before.

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    I've made mayo with light olive oil--and it's delicious. Once I didn't have any, so I tried my EVOO--it was dreadful (and I love olive oil). It gives the mayo a bitter taste.

    Your best bet is the light olive oil--healthiest and delicious.

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    Yup, olive oil has a taste, and every olive grove taste different, like wine. I suggest you learn a little about evoo and find one you like because refined olive oil is not something suitable for consumption, or canola. said with a happy face.
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    i made mayo with extra virgin olive oil once and it tasted like straight up olive oil. not too good in my cole slaw or chicken salad

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    OP: I would go with pure OO over canola.

    I agree that EVOO is not good for mayo. Not only is it incredibly bitter, but it's a waste of the good stuff. Some people have reported success with making EVOO from warm bacon grease. I have tried it, and it was good when fresh, but became quite solid after storing in the fridge. I've made softer (more like regular) mayo with pure olive oil. I'm not sure if it's a "healthy" oil though. Yeah it's olive oil, but it's much more refined and processed and, possibly, higher in omega-6 than EVOO (from what I've heard). Which is my long-winded way of saying: I don't know if there is an "ideal" oil for making mayo. Maybe macadamia nut oil.

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