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Thread: Always feel squats and lunges in quads more than glutes ???

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    Always feel squats and lunges in quads more than glutes ???

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    I always feel my squats and lunges more in my quads than the glutes. I watch in a mirror and I believe my form is good. i push through the heels, and butt is back, knees not past toes. What am I doing wrong. Really trying to shrink this booty, but not feeling it.

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    Exerting your glutes will help to add muscle mass to them.
    You can't spot-reduce fat.

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    I'm not sure. When I saw the post title I was thinking to recommend pushing through the heels and focusing on contracting the glutes. You might want to try a wider stance. I think that will shift the focus more toward glute/hip. But Primalchild is right; squats can help the muscle tone in your glutes, but they will not DIRECTLY reduce the fat on top of them. They are a great exercise and in conjunction with a good workout and diet will help reduce overall body fat, but there is no spot reduction.

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    Definitely a wider stance and a lower squat..I used to have the same problem, I wasn't going deep enough in so I felt 90% of it in my I feel it more in the glutes and inner thighs which makes me much happier.

    But like everyone else said...squats won't shrink your will.
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    How much weight are you using? That's a factor as well. When I was doing heavy lunges, I carried 60 pound dumbbells in each hand. Talk about a sore butt the next day! Not to mention arms that were an extra inch long. haha

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    I thought it was just me! Wider stance...makes sense.

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    I have tried the wider stance. I will focus on that again. I also do the kettlebell squats were you go down really low.

    I know that you can't spot reduce. My question was more on WHY I am not feeling it in my butt.

    My body shape is such that I carry most of my weight in my butt and hips so of course those are the last places that I see change.


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    I do squats with heavy weight and bodyweight. With heavy weights, I try to go as low as I can but the angle of the knees is maybe 60 degrees? I feel it all over my legs, but more so in my quads. With bodyweight, I'm aiming for ass-to-the-grass, as low as I can make myself (stance as wide as needed to allow that) and getting up without breaking form, even if it means going slowly. Do about 30 and my ass is sore the next day. Also, an excellent feel-it-in-your-ass workout: full deadlifts. Man, when I do them, the next day, ass stiff and sore! I've also found that barefoot really makes you realize how un-planted your feet are in cushioned shoes. So go barefoot or VFF to make sure your feet have the weight evenly distributed.

    Edit: Also, worry less about knees going over your toes (it will once you get low enough, and that's not a bad thing) and focus more on keeping your heels planted, core activated to protect your back and that you're minimally bending forward at the waist. Have someone spot you instead of you watching yourself in the mirror (eyes should be looking back at your own eyes) to check your form.
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    I am going barefoot. Have been since reading PB. Sure does make you use to muscles in your feet and ankles more. Thanks for the tips.

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    Deeper squat.

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