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Thread: How to count carbohydrates?

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    Red face How to count carbohydrates?

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    I'm new to the whole carbohydrate-counting thing. I've been figuring out how many carboyhdrates everything has, as I'm trying to lose weight. However, I was told by someone that to do it correctly, you take the carbohydrate count of a food item, and subtract the fibre count; this gives you the true carbohydrate count. I never saw Mark mentioning anything about that in his book or newsletters; but apparently that's how "carbohydrate experts" do it and llose weight on it. Could I have some feedback on that? Much apprecitated.

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    dont do that. dont do any subtracting. can help you track macronutrients pretty effeciently.

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    In the UK, fibre is listed seperately to carbs on the nutrition label, so those are the numbers I use.

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    Mark doesn't subtract fiber. You can never really know how much of that fiber will turn into digestible carbs - every body is a little different. Better to count it all and err on the side of caution than go overboard by subtracting what you *think* will be fiber.
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    First, are you absolutely sure you are carb-sensitive? How do you do with grains and legumes vs roots, tubers, squashes, etc? Counting carbs, calories, or anything else is notoriously inaccurate and time-consuming. I second the vote for FitDay if you absolutely must. Otherwise, ditch either the grains and legumes, and perhaps (worst case scenario) the starchy veggies. The rest will take care of itself and you won't burn up all your willpower on your diet.
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