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    Is The Primal Diet The Cure For Crusty Feet?

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    In my opinion...yes it is!

    I have had dry, cracked and often bleeding heels for years that looked terrible and felt even worse.

    I've tried every kind of foot goo on the market with little or no improvement, but since working myself into the primal diet about 3 months ago, I've noticed that my heels don't crack and bleed any more.

    Slowly the problem seems to be resolving itself and I believe that it's due to the increase in fats and the decrease in carbs that has allowed my body to begin healing itself.

    And in case you're wondering, yes I had a major case of fat-phobia and was CW to the extreme and ate a diet very high in carbs with as little fat as possible...silly me.

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    Yup, mine have gotten better and better over the months. I think it's the lack of high blood sugars and all the extra fat, just like you said. It make sense. And dry skin everywhere else is better too. I think this winter when I stop walking around barefoot outside all the time my feet will be completely soft and healed

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    My heels were always cracking. They have been better lately. But I don't know if that's the change in diet, or that I have been taking better care of them. Soaking, pumice stone and Miracle Heel ointment regularly. :P

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    It could be suggested that this chap might have benefitted from PB - not sure what the dog would make of it though...

    (On topic - I have allowed my feet to toughen up slightly by / for going barefoot; but they are not dry or cracked in the slightest. I "blame" the higher fat content of...well, me!)

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    I've noticed that after I shower and put lotion on my legs, it doesn't even absorb all the way and just kind of sits on top of the skin. My skin is defnitely seems to be less dry since being on PB, so I think it would help your feet be less dry too =)

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    no change here....i just have to keep at it fairly regularly with a microplane foot thingie then everything is fine.

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