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Thread: If you eat dinner at 8pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerLily View Post
    Oh, regarding your plateau:
    Also, besides the diary, a sure-fire way to melt fat like a hot knife through butter: Find the steepest hill you can possibly find, and walk (or run) up it every day. When I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, there was a huge hill I climbed every day and I was losing weight so quickly that it actually alarmed me and began walking a different way home.
    Although I (unfortunately) lived at the top of a hill in SF last year, I don't think even the steepest ones offer a ton extra, in terms of calories burned. For example, a walking a steep incline for 10 minutes would burn maybe 20 calories more than walking a zero degree incline. Now, your calves may protest these figures

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    One thing about being Primal is not you are not hungry 24/7 and you do not have the "eat every 2 hours" mentality. You listen to your body and eating becomes natural.

    On normal days, I eat from 12:00pm-12:00am (I am not hungry when I wake up, so I just prolong the natural fasting), then "IF" till noon. I also sometimes skip dinner, extending my IF to at least 16-17 hours.

    And like a previous poster said, contrary to popular opinion, I haven't gain weight or had my metabolism slowed down because I did not eat right after I wake up and then every 2 hours thereafter.
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