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Thread: School Lunch for Kids

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    don't have to worry about cupcakes at our sons school...can't bring anything in as they have strict peanut allergy rules....

    I laud her cause, but would suggest her delivery may be off-putting...trying to figure out how we go about this in our sons school and eventually the whole town, without coming off like an obsessed overbearing is hard enough without their bodies sent on a sugar high

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    I am curious as to how well your child eats salads for lunch? I mean, being "cool" is ultra important to kids and I would assume they want to eat all the junk their friends are eating? Do they complain about bringing their own lunches? Do they complain about the healthy food you pack in their lunches?

    About the slightly psycho mom in NY - I applaud her cause, but I agree that she should try to be more effective in her tactics if she wants to really make a change. Getting mad is not a solution.

    I also think that you have to pick your battles with kids and be a little flexible. Teach your kids to think for themselves about making healthy food choices, esp by the time they are 9 yo. You will not always have control over what your kids eat and the best way to ensure they are eating healthy is to teach them the difference between "real food" and "foodlike substances" and teach them how to make the right choices.

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    yah, no doubt they definitely need to learn to make the healthy choices - last night he passed up cookies at a Boy Scout thing .. but, when all his friends are eating "cool" food, he DOES want to fit in - he does not mind eating a salad but he then wants the ice cream LOL ! I have let him do that in the past, and truthfully, I think the ice cream may be the least heinous thing there - it is just when it gets tacked on to the carb du jour that I start to twitch !

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    Remember Mark's 80/20 rule. If you have to make them sandwiches don't beat yourself up over it. You could make your own bread that has almond flour in it. I'm sure you could google some good recipies. Then make 1/2 a sandwish full of great MEAT! Add vegies, fruit, nuts whatever and it's a mostly primal meal.

    I know this is a tough one...good luck!


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    I cook real eggs for my kids in the morning and let them have a sandwich and fruit for lunch and thn they eat meat and veggies for dinner. That is my compromise. Also for any snacks I give them protein bars, protein shake, fruit, or whole grain cereal.

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    I asked about feeding my kids healthy food and they scoffed and told me it was a waste and the kids didn't eat and there a was ton of wasted food. . .So I am sending my son to school with a packed lunch. My Daughter still is in preschool so she eats at home.

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    I asked about feeding my kids healthy food and they scoffed and told me it was a waste and the kids didn&#39;t eat and there a was ton of wasted food.</blockquote>

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why would children tuck into that sort of trash with relish? I admit they eat up at fast-food joints, but there they&#39;re biochemically manipulated.

    I know a few fussy children across our extended family, which is quite large, but there isn&#39;t one that wouldn&#39;t eat roast meat or boiled ham and most of the traditional accompaniments to that, including some of the milder and sweeter-tasting vegetables. Nothing like that appears on the sample list primalmom gave.

    And most children don&#39;t seem to turn down home-made fruit crumble with cream or my grandmother and mother would have stopped making it. That might not be ideal, but it&#39;s probably got less sugar in it than some of the foods that are on offer.

    These schools don&#39;t cook food: they reheat ready-made products. Never mind its compromised nutritional character, no one enjoys that stuff. Of course, they leave it.

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    My kids are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Makes it harder.

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