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Thread: Grassfed Ranchers = flakes?

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    Grassfed Ranchers = flakes?

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    I figured I'd run this by the crowd. I've emailed two different grassfed ranchers in my state multiple times, and both of them have failed to respond to my email. Is this standard for folks in this biz? Especially considering I specifically mentioned interest in a 1/4 beef in each email? I realize that I *could* call them, but to my way of thinking, if you have a website and a contact me link that is a black hole, you don't want my money. I'm seriously considering having the beast shipped from another state at this point...

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    Not all ranchers are tech savvy. Maybe they hired someone to make the website for them but haven't gotten the hang of e-mail. Just call them. Maybe you don't want it that badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primalchild View Post
    Maybe you don't want it that badly.
    Maybe I don't. I'd prefer to shop locally, in theory, but in all honesty I'm fine with having meat shipped from Texas.

    In any case, that doesn't address my question - what has your experience been? Do you have any sources you recommend for delivered grassfed meats? Shipping costs are an issue...
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    Just call. Buy locally and save the gas of the shipping and the cost of the shipping. Whats the big deal

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    Pick up the phone. Some people still prefer to speak to others.
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    I've ordered from Slanker's twice with good results. Shipping is very reasonable if you get 65 lbs. I called to order from them - it's what they recommend for first-time orders. I'm not wild about the telephone in general, but calling (and therefore supporting) a local rancher is way different from calling Verizon for customer service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prib81 View Post
    I've ordered from Slanker's twice with good results. Shipping is very reasonable if you get 65 lbs.
    Thanks. That's actually the place in TX I'm considering.

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    Telephone the local guys. You will not regret it.

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    There are a lot of flaky farmers in my town... like over half of them. It doesn't appear to be just prevalent among grass-fed beef farmers... it's also pastured chicken farmers, organic veggie farmers, all of em. They've got a cool laid-back attitude, but they also are sorta unorganized. One of the reasons I chose the veggie CSA that I did was because they actually seemed pretty tech-savvy. I could pay online, the organizer checks her email daily, it's fantastic. =]
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    I've had a great experience with the grassfed beef farmer that I've done business with. They respond to emails usually within 24 hours and will package special requests even for small orders. For those in southeast Georgia, it's Hunter Cattle: I guess I'm lucky to have had such a great experience and such friendly helpful farmers.

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