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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (Pebbles)

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    Day 1: Obsessed about whether to jump into the challenge and what to id as goals

    Day 2: Jumped

    Primal (or not) Food

    B: Nuts/dried fruit, tea

    L: Salad (greens, salmon, cukes, cherry tomatoes, spiced nuts, currants, bottled dressing), water melon

    Snack: Nuts/dried fruit

    Dinner: Salad (greens, leftover hanger steak, nuts, raisins, lemon/olive oil dressing, salt/pepper), raw cheese


    35 min run - added in 3-4 fartleks (I just wanted an excuse to post the word 'fartlek,)

    Taught 1 yoga class

    Took 1 yoga class

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    Day 3 (Wed)

    Primal (or not) Food

    B: Yogurt

    Snack: nuts/dried fruit

    L: chicken soup (eek...noodles!)

    D: crab cake, salad


    1 hr, gym climbing

    Day 4


    B: Nuts/dried fruit (starting to wonder how to gauge the right amount of this)

    L: Salad (greens, cabbage, nuts, currants, feta, salmon. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

    Snack: Marcona almonds

    Dinner: Small plates @ greek restaurant -- beets, greens, octopus, shrimp, grilled feta


    Minimal stretching. Shoulder pain (chronic) from climbing. Grr.

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    Pebbles; I'm terribly sorry but I seem to have inadvertently taken your screen name. In spite of what I thought was a thorough search prior to posting, I managed to miss that your name was already in use. I truly apologize... (and hope I didn't post anything too awfully inane in your name.)

    - KC

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