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    Thought I'd share the wealth:

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    also in the same vein:

    Does anyone in nyc get raw milk delivered? There's a place apparently called Udder Milk Creamery and was just wondering what their prices & quality are.

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    I found my supplier form the local Weston A Price chapter, fyi. Jersey milk is SO good!

    PS This is exactly the reason I just cant quit the dairy... I recently found a wonderfully delicious and healthy source!

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    Whole Foods if there's one near you.

    I can't drink the stuff. Within an hour, my voice becomes raspy, I'm filled with mucus, I get gassy and I just feel down the rest of the day. That being said, raw milk cheese and butter seem to have no negative effects on me....go figure...

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    I've never really been a fan of drinking milk, so I don't miss it at all. I am a bit addicted to cheese though.

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    timconradinc - I'm in Brooklyn and had my first delivery from Udder Milk last weekend...I haven't quite formed an opinion yet! Some aspects of the transaction were quite pleasant, others a bit sketchy. As far as the (2) products I tried (raw goat milk and eggs) far so good.

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