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Thread: Saturated Fat and Allergies - What a load of quap!

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    Saturated Fat and Allergies - What a load of quap!

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    I came across this article today on a breast-feeding site. As always, saturated fats get the blame *rolling eyes*

    "They also found that infants whose mothers consumed high-fat diets were 16 percent more likely to develop allergies than breastfed infants whose mothers ate diets high in carbohydrates."

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    I wonder if it had anything to do with milk - beta casein A1 from mom's consumption of cow's milk. But a SAD high fat diet would be an "I don't give a crap" diet too - full of garbage, so who knows.

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    Yeah, it drives me crazy with these studies how they always lump saturated fat into one group. Like ding-dongs and grass fed beef are the same thing.
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    Maybe wheat, or anything else for that matter, in the maternal diet is more allergenic in the presence of fats, whereas fats without grains wouldn't be. Who knows.

    Maybe fast food is the problem. Fast food seems the most common cause of high fat diets.

    No mention of how much sugar they ate.

    Very, very preliminary. Which is fine ... until they went and made recommendations based on the findings. That part is absurd. The study does not support asking anybody to change anything.

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