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Thread: have my gallbladder removed or not?

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    MamaGrok: I had the biggest issue with the statement:
    If you go the removal route, you will be forced to have a low-fat diet for the rest of your life OR time your fat at the same time every day so that your body knows when to release the bile and it doesn't make you ill by continuously drip drip dripping into your gut w/o any fat to digest. With his conclusions, you're faced either with very little fat in your diet, forever, or gradually increasing your fat (instead of suddenly) and managing the timing and amount of your fat very consistently, forever.
    This has not been my experience, nor was it anything like what my surgeon told me to expect. On top of that, you've put some pretty glaring misinformation in your post. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just concerned that some one will make a decision based on some really bad information.

    I do believe if I'd listened to the advice on the links you posted, I would in all likelihood be dead now. I had a lot of really large stones and they A- weren't gonna go away on their own and B- were life threatening.

    The only way the poster will know how serious the stones are is with ultrasound or ERCP. By all means get a second Doctor's opinion but for any of us to advise one way or another is just wrong.

    I can tell you that 2 years out I have no problem with fat nor do I have to time meals.

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    I agree with KestrelSF. I had a stone get lodged in my bile duct and had to have emergency surgery to take out my gall bladder and then get "scoped" to have the lodged stone removed. They found that my gall bladder was full of stones. I had been having symptoms for about a year, but I just ignored them (I was 23 and invincible!). Then, my luck ran out.

    So, get a 2nd opinion if you want, but definitely get it checked out as soon as you can as it can save you a LOT of pain. As I mentioned before, the ONLY time I have any issues is if I break my IF with one, large meal. Other than that, no issues that I can speak of.

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    Fear not! I will not make a medical decission based on a message board I should have explained my post better. I am a nursing student and understand full well the reasons behind, pros, cons (ECT) of the gallbladder and its removal. I guess I was hoping for primal related sucess stories, it makes me feel better knowing even one person had it removed and is doing good on this way of life still. At the very least I figured I could see what you all said and form questions for the surgeon from your info!

    The pain I have been feeling has been on and off for SO long, but within the last few weeks it has become very intense and lasting much longer. It starts under my sternum and radiates to my upper back. I went to the doctor who insisted it was an ulcer, I went and had an upper GI. It was negaitve so she sent me for the gall bladder ultrasound. She called me and said I had gallstones and it would have to be removed, she schedualed a consult with a surgeon. So thats pretty much where I stand. Thanks for all your help!

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    Have it removed!! You don't want to go in as an emergency, and untreated, it is potentially fatal.

    Two of my sisters have had theirs removed--one when she was quite young--and neither have had any digestive problems as a result. Some people do have follow-up problems, but they can be managed, and they are not as serious as a diseased gall bladder.

    It's far more dangerous to keep it if it needs to go than to have it removed.

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    Thanks for the response, Kestrel. It's great to know that having a gall bladder removed is not a condemnation to eating low fat forever for everyone. I'll be glad to tell MIL that, although I'm still not sure how to help her, b/c she certainly does have discomfort after fatty meals, even with unrefined coconut oil, which is said not to need bile fats for digestion. I really don't know what's going on with her.

    Thanks, too, for answering the question about whether imaging is possible to confirm the presence or absence of gall stones.

    I absolutely agree that if an alternative solution can't be found quickly, not to hesitate to remove it (I would go for a second opinion, as others have mentioned, as well). As I said before,
    If the problem doesn't go away, he says, "take the gall bladder out," b/c he also knows that if you let the situation get worse, you could die.

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