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Thread: Thoughts on Frying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zed View Post
    I could have swore I read somewhere online that it does have a high smoke point compare to vegetable oils. Anyway, I always do medium heat when cooking meats, otherwise I have burn
    Refined CO has a high(er) smoke point than virgin (unrefined) CO but it's fine for med heats. Most unrefined vegetable oils have a lower smoke point regardless of the source. I use ghee (clarified butter) for most of my frying, then tallow, then duck fat, then butter.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by prib81 View Post
    Just don't reuse the bacon grease if you cook eggs in it
    Why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by strom View Post
    coconut oil does not have a high smoke point. You have to use medium heat or it will start to smoke a lot.
    There are two different types of CO; they have different smoke points. The unrefined, which is the one I get, has a pretty low smoke point (about 280 degrees)---but it tastes nice and coconutty. I use it only for gentle sautees, and things like eggs. The other type is refined, and you can take it quite a bit higher w/o smoking it. The downside to the refined, is it has almost no taste or odor.

    ETA: I see this question was answered already. Never mind ;-)
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