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    600lbs non-cheese less 180lbs "beverage milks" = 420lbs. I'm guessing that's mostly ice cream.
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    Its really sad that people are literally dying so that Food, Inc. can make money, so that pharmaceuticals can make money... I can't even think about it for very long... it makes me sick.

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    I wasn't surprised by the "Fish/Shellfish" portion being so small - as that explains a LOT. I wonder if all the vegetarians are the reason the veggie percentage is so high?

    Apparently I need 350g of carbohydrates a day to maintain my current weight... so I've got that going for me.

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    All that, and we are still told that "red meat and eggs clog your arteries!"

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    I think the 600 lbs. dairy includes milk (all same color), and vegetables include potatoes and iceberg lettuce and corn (same color). But, ughhh... Since I don't really do dairy, does that mean that someone is consuming 1200 lbs to get to the average??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemonized View Post
    I think the also over estimate the veggie intake of the average person as well.
    They probably consider the potato a vegetable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primalchild View Post
    They probably consider the potato a vegetable.
    Ya I agree with this. And the person who said they include corn as well. If you separated those out it would probably cut the vegetable intake in half, considering that there's no separation for "fast food" or "junk food," and the average American eats 29 POUNDS of french fries alone. Where do they account for corn chips, or potato chips, or other "vegetable" based snacks?

    I think this actually paints a fairly rosey picture of what the average person eats, if you're looking at SAD standards. "Look at all those veggies and fruits! Not much meat, and look, sugar is so small compared to dairy and produce!"

    Edit: They actually do separate corn, as 56 pounds of the 416 listed for veggies. About 13% of total vegetable intake is actually grain! I do wish they had broken down what part potatoes take of the remaining 360 pounds.

    And milk is 181 pounds of the 600 pounds listed for non-cheese dairy...that's still 419 pounds of yogurt/sour cream/heavy cream/ice cream (24 pounds alone)...and I don't really know what else that would include!
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    On this topic, I had a rep from MediFast come into my office today to try to sell me. Said the american diet was 47% fat and THATS why we're all so fat. "So, Mr. Medifast, it's not the fake sugars & chemicals & colourings & processed carbs your program has?" Basically suggested that I push their sexy low-fat soy-protein filled bars "packed" with 20 lab-sourced vitamins & minerals to my gym members so they lose NO thanks!!

    I hate that people equate low body weight with health!

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    Wow! It told me to get 377 carbs a day... to maintain. 308 carbs to loose weight.

    I don't even get that many in a week!!!!
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    Wow! A little more than 1/2 lb of flour and cereal a day and a little less than 1/2 lb of sweetener!

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