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  • Potatoes

    9 15.00%
  • Sweet Potatos/yams

    31 51.67%
  • rice

    12 20.00%
  • oats

    4 6.67%
  • other/ name it

    4 6.67%
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    Quote Originally Posted by rphlslv View Post
    sweet potatoes take too long to bake...
    4 mins per side in the microwave = sweet potato heaven.

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    I wouldn't say its an "empty" carb but my favorite starchy food are bananas..I could easily down like 3 or 4 a day if I had my way..but out of your list definitely sweet potatoes or even regular potatoes
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    Rice. For me, it's just cultural and a comfort food. Plus it tastes awesome with meat curries.

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    For me, it would have to be white basmati(long) rice. I love it....but I don't see myself trying to eat it anytime soon simply because the amount of rice I would "like" to eat would be INSANE! Before PB I used to make a nice chicken gyro with rice.....sometimes I miss that delicious and fulfilling taste. I still make the chicken gyro on occasion, just minus the rice....totally PB friendly recipe. I think I'll post it in the recipes section sometime soon. But yeh, I miss basmati rice...not all that much though...but sometimes. I miss biryani too (Spicy Paki/Indian rice and meat dish). But not so much that I'd actually put in the effort of all that rice boiling....

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    I voted for white potatoes. I don't think of any tuber as 'empty'. Starchy, yes, but they have nutrients. Unlike something like white rice.

    I like sweet potatoes as well, but anything but the smallest amounts give me indigestion (this has been true for a long time, I even got stomach pain from sweet potato starch noodles).

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    Sweet potatoes for sure! There were days pre-primal where I would eat one giant sweet potato for dinner and nothing else. =] Plus, the fact that they only take 5-10 minutes to cook (in the microwave) appeals to my lazy side.
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    i love YAMS. japanese yams mainly. the Okinawans(sp?) eat alot of yams and they are a centarian japanese culture, aslo generally taller and healthier than other Japanese, and their diet never had a significant rice content. They also are a non-banana source for lots of potassium and have beta carotene and some other vitamins, if youre an athelete yams are the best recovery carb without a doubt. tastier than white rice (I honestly love yams plain, with just cinnamon at most) and they primarily replenish muscle glycogen, not liver glycogen (unlike fruit), so thats a good thing. I also feel its the carb that grok would have mostly likely consumed and would have most lkely foraged for on a regular basis. And, they dont have near as many anti nutrients that sweet potatos do. (sweet potatos and yams are two diferent things!)
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    ****Shakes head, wonders where French puff pastry category is****

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    Diana & rphlslv:

    I tried to squish it too! LOL

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