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Thread: Primal Nutrition Suggestions Denied

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    Don't even tell them. Just sneak it in there.

    For example, tonight I made taco salad. Full-on primal as long as you don't eat any tortilla chips with it. The fam could have the chips, and they won't notice you're not.

    Or make up a curry. Make a pot of rice for them. But don't even say anything as you ladle the curry -- without rice -- into your dish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    With kids... I don't have them yet but they'll get the same rule I got when I was a kid. "Eat it or go hungry." Sometimes I ate it. Sometimes I didn't, but I didn't get a second choice on dinner.
    An early education in the concept of Intermittent Fasting :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by prib81 View Post
    An early education in the concept of Intermittent Fasting :-)
    Ha ha, LOVE IT! This is my rule with my kiddos, one "no welcome bite" and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it, but you'll wait till the next meal/snack is served.

    As for having trouble, well are you the parent or the kid OP? If you're the parent do the cookin' man, and if everyone doesn't like it MORE FOR YOU!!! lol

    If you're the kid, that's harder. I like DR's powdered butt analogy. But, like a pp said, most people aren't gonna argue with a juicy steak and side salad. If they whine where's the potatos/bread/rice blah blah blah well you can just shrug and grin with a big hunk of bloody steak in your mouth!

    I often serve two veg sides, a hot and cold (like side salad, and sauteed mushrooms and onions, or side salad and grilled asparagus.) and I haven't ever had a complaint from my non primal family who I cook for every day in the summer when we live with them. As long as the food is good, they don't complain.

    Don't ask, just make and serve. Once you ask you're in for a debate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blank_faceplate View Post
    Is anyone else not? Seriously, I imagine folks who can convince everyone else in their families to totally change their eating habits are rare. More so for those with kids.
    Not Ken's problem, I'd guess. His profile says he's 18, so he's unlikely to be a householder. At the end of the day, if you are, you can just serve a primal meal, and that's what people get.

    I'd guess Ken's problem is persuading his parents (and perhaps siblings).

    Dunno, Ken. Possibly accentuate the positive - "I'd really like a pork chop" - rather than the negative - "Can we not have pasta?" You can probably hit on something others might fancy, too, at least sometimes.

    How about offering to do the cooking sometimes? If The Primal Blueprint seems like it might be suspect to people who don't know what it's about perhaps avoid mentioning it - unless there's a really good opening in some other context. Just say that you'd like to cook a meal, need to get some more practise for when you go to college, whatever. If you can get to be the one who prepares the food now and then, then you can serve primal without anyone realizing it. It could be a tricky situation, because some people are very protective of being the cook, but if you ask nicely and are subtle and clean up conscientiously afterwards ...

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    It can be a money thing, too. Some people use pasta and rice to stretch the food budget. The idea of just meat and veggies gives them the budget willies.

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    Well, my thing is, when getting my friends/family to eat Primal is to not tell them they're eating Primal. I just make food (or food suggestions) so good they don't even realize what they're missing.

    For this OP, it seems he's still under his parents' roof, which means he doesn't have the final say on what's for dinner. Some ofthe last few suggestions are great - offer to cook yourself, don't use the word "primal" - just make something great!, suggest things where the grain is optional (meat + potatoes, just don't eat your potato and it won't kill your family to eat theirs like too much white pasta & rolls eventually would), ...

    I actually do have family members who literally think they'll leave the table hungry if they don't have meat, 3 veggies, and a grain. Puhleeze. So I make the dang grain when we eat with them, and just skip it for myself. It's worth it to preserve family harmony. Dang things have absolutely no appeal to me anymore, whereas I used to be a total bread addict, so I know the panic they feel when they think of a meal w/o grains and/or dessert (which they haven't yet considered as being anything close to in the same category).

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