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Thread: Probiotics=bloating? ..and no weight loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmyers04 View Post
    upping your cardio will not do a damn thing if youre concerned about fat loss. cardio just improves cardiovascular strength. Fat loss is going to depend on what youre eating 95% of the time.
    IMO and IME, cardio + good diet = accelerated fat loss, whether cardio = HIIT, long walks, or even "fat burning zone" stationary bike.

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    By consuming products with probiotics people can sure be aware of their system immunity, because probiotics stop the organism from being bloated, helping it to be healthier and with a stronger resistance.

    Another reason for why we should consume these products with such some good probiotics is the fact that the organism can fight better against infections, which are everywhere we put hands, even in our kitchen. Dirty hands, unclean toilet or even dust and sand can create infections in our body, especially to the babies. In this case, the doctor or the pharmacists recommend us to take probiotics under different forms such pills, tea or lot of milk products. Maybe we all wonder why, so, the answer is: the probiotics protects us when we need to follow an antibiotics treatment.

    Causes leading to the need of consuming probiotics

    Doctors in nutrition say that intestinal flora imbalance can be the result of numerous causes like stress, unhealthy diet, antibiotics, miserable time sleeping hours or lack of sports. In this scenario, our health has a bigger problem that can be visible in the body, leading to acne, digestive disorders, irritable stomach, depression, fatigue, infections on the body and so on.

    Studied revising this theme that we all need to consume probiotics is true because we can see a significant impact on our health. For example, consuming daily probiotics we can ensure for good health, a stronger organism, we can eliminate stress, digest better the food. Also, probiotics maintain our system immunity integrity.

    In its definitions, probiotics play a crucial role in defending our body, being like a barrier, nourishing the intestinal mucosa and protect the organism from aggressive bacteria. However, we need to be aware that probiotics stimulate the immune system to fight all seasons’ infections.
    Also, seniors, adults or children should consume food made from milk with some good bacteria to be more efficient, happier or just to feel joyful every day.

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