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Thread: Feast on Fish = too much polyunsaturated fats?

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    Feast on Fish = too much polyunsaturated fats?

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    Hey folks,

    Was thinking of joining friends at an all you-can-sushi place with the plan to fill up on yummy fish sashimi and BBQ salmon belly's. Just so I don't completely overeat, I fitday'd what I think is a reasonable amount to plan to eat. What I noticed in the nutritional breakdown is the high amount of polyunsaturated fats in the salmon, 40% of the total fat. The salmon belly are quite fatty and other online nutritional sources estimate 38g per 100g serving, which gives about 15g of polyunsaturated fats.

    Should I be concerned with this amount of polyunsaturated fats? While a small part will be omega 3, as I understand it, polyunsaturated fats should be minimized. Or is the stuff in fish okay?

    Thanks in advance for your opinions/expertise on this.

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    Not read anything that suggests that one can overeat fish. The PUFAs should be mostly omega-3. Negligible, if any, omega-6. Go for it. BTW, don't just eat salmon - tuna, yellowtail, trevally and other fish are wonderful raw

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