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Thread: Ingredients in fish oil capsules

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    Ingredients in fish oil capsules

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    I have a few questions about omega 3 fish oil capsules, and I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.
    Besides the fish oil, my supplements have these ingredients:
    Gelatin, Glycerin, D Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E).
    The label does not imply whether or not there is soy, which is usually listed for allergies, so I am wondering, if the label does not specify that the capsules contain soy, should I assume they do not? And while I'm on the subject, is it really safe to be ingesting these other ingredients? It's way more affordable for me to buy capsules than liquid oil. Is it better to buy more concentrated capsules to cut down on the amount of pills I have to take? How about breaking open the capsules and just consuming the oil (perhaps mix it with coconut oil)? And finally, what brand of omega 3 fish oil do you take? Thanks.

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    I think those other ingredients might be fine, I am not sure. What brand are you taking?

    I used to take Carlson's liquid fish oil and loved it. Then I tried Mark's fish oil - Primal Nutrition and have been loving that. I recommend either or as both are awesome brands.
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    I just finished off a bottle of Country Life omega 3 supplements, and regretably found out on their website that the capsules contain soy. I will be starting to take Rite Aid brand capsules.

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