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Thread: Primal Challenge (Kazwoman)

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    Day 3...

    Started off great:

    Breakfast : apple

    snacks: almonds, nectarine

    coffee with only cream (no sugar) Took me all morning to drink it but I am committed to getting used to it!

    dinner: chicken with mushroom sauce, broccoli, sweet potatoe fries

    problem areas: it was my birthday today and I was surprised with a chocolate cupcake and some icecream!! Felt obligated to eat it (and enjoy it unfortunately)

    Tomorrow I will attempt to IF.

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    don't worry kelli, you can write off your birthday as being 100%. It still sounds like you did 80% right.

    Don't forget to walk to work if possible. I'm thinking of doing some sprints at Beavermead Beach thursday or friday morning - wanna come?

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    hello, what are you doing? Don't tell me you've given up already

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    So, I'm not going to talk about was a write off... so far today though, 100% Lots of exercise yesterday though, running up and down the stairs.

    Weigh in yesterday though went well...down eight pounds since June 25!

    I am recommitted today and looking forward to the rest of the month being 100%

    breakfast- two eggs and bacon, herbal tea black.

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    That's awesome Kelli, glad to see your back in business. Yesterday's blog was good about the baby steps. I'm going to try the crab cakes this week.

    See ya at work tomorrow- with my big ass salad.

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    Well, I'm back at it today...took a sabbatical while my sister was here. It was a complete and total train wreck. We took lots of long walks and for the most part I ate right. A few too many cocktails though and some ice cream treats and birthday cake!

    Now the real work begins. Just road my bike for 1/2 hour and 11 kms, 350 calories burned! My plan is to walk to work tomorrow and to do some sprint work tomorrow evening.

    breakfast today: 3 eggs and bacon, green tea. coffee

    Big salad for dinner with shrimp. Blueberry snack tonight.

    Stocked the fridge with lots of fruit, nuts and seeds and fresh veggies from my mom-in-law's garden!

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    Today is a new day...

    bfast: nectarine, blueberries and a coffee (yep...did it again and had an iced coffe with I could kick myself!)

    snack: pumpkin seeds and strawberries


    dinner: seafood medley on salad and fresh yellow beans.

    The heat is putting a damper on my walk to work plans... just too humid today. We have three bush cord of wood in the driveway to move and stack...that'll be my primal workout this week!

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    another new day...

    started with coffee (yes I added sugar...bad girl again but I am determined that I will only have one per day and that will be my indulgence. Not 100% but 99%!!)

    Breakfast- nectarines and coffee

    snack-blueberries and pumpkin seeds

    lunch-big ass greek salad!

    Hoping for the humidity to go away today so I can get swinging and stacking wood tonight!

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    Today was a great day. Nice walk with Janice at lunch and a short walk this morning. Bike ride tonight to burn off 350 calories.

    Ate well too almost 100% primal except for my iced coffee. Great Big Ass salad for dinner...chicken, feta cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce!

    Tomorrow is another day...walking to work and walking at lunch!!

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    It sounds like you're doing well! I love that you can walk to work. You're so lucky.

    Keep up the good work.

    Have you tried using stevia or xylitol in place of sugar?

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