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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (Rachel)

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    Day late, but gotta start somewhere!


    - Handful x2 of the most addictive combination in the world: almonds, pistachios, cashews. Cannot resist it when it's in the house!

    - bowl of blueberries w/ coconut milk/oil/cinnamon

    - 1 egg + 3 whites w. red pepper, onion

    - piece of grilled salmon

    - green smoothie


    - rode 14mi on bike

    - uphill sprints/walk through park

    - swam for half an hour

    - 10 push-ups

    Thinking when I remember to take pics, ill post meals,etc on my blog as well as here.

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    - too. many. almonds. once again! urgh.

    - cup of coffee w/ coconut milk, ice blended up. + cinnamon.

    - 2 pcs bacon

    - can of salmon, 2 eggs, mustard, some almond flour cooked up into a patty sort of thing (delish!) w/ salsa, salad.

    - cup of blueb's w/ 2 tbsp's CO

    - shrimp kebabs, zuchini, asparagus, green beans


    - random medley of calisthenics...push-ups, planks, lunges, squats.

    - medicine ball throws

    - swam for an hour

    - 15 pull-ups (negatives

    Will be posting pics and rambles on blog later.

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    Easier just to post everything at once on my blog think i'll do that from now on

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    I love the photos of your food on the blog. Yummy. You've inspired me to get some shrimp.

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