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Thread: Primal Friendly Doctors

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    Primal Friendly Doctors

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    Hey all,

    Bit of a long shot here but I am looking for a doctor that is more understanding of the Primal way of eating and of course has a more informed view of cholesterol testing and numbers.

    I live all the way down in Canterbury, New Zealand if anyone has a name of a good Doc.

    I also encourage anyone to list good doctors from their area of the world so others have the option of changing to one of the non statin obsessed medical community if they wish.


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    Sorry, can't help you. In in So California, USA. My doctor is the one who told me about Primal because my cholesterol was too high and I didn't want to take statins. His first recommendation was Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution, but realized that one is really hard to stick to, even for himself -- he admitted he was "mostly" primal. Then he recommended PB because he liked the 80% aspect. He's really easy to talk to ... and not bad on the eyes either!

    If anyone is in the Orange County area, look up Dr. Peter Kim at Hoag Health Center in Costa Mesa.

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    I also started with Dr. Gundry and was forwarded MDA by a friend. I was intrigued because it also talked about reprogramming your genes, something I had only heard about via Gundry. The more I read, the more I liked and have found the PB more suitable for me.

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    Brilliant! I live next to Hoag Hospital. I will look him up. Maybe he can chat with my MD who is definitely into fitness but - I think - "whole foods" not Primal/Paleo.

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