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Thread: Coconut Pancake from book

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    Coconut Pancake from book

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    I made the coconut pancakes this morning from the cookbook. I followed the recipe exactly and I thought they were awful! What's the deal? Everyone raved about them. Did I do something wrong?

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    I HATE coconut flour pancakes, I hate the texture, the taste. They are just not for me. My kiddos however, LOVE them. *shrug* everyone's palette is different.

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    Haven't tried the recipe from the book yet but I have made these from here-

    It uses whipped egg whites which makes nice fluffy pancakes. I find too much coconut flour is quite dry.

    Low Carb, Low Cal Blackberry Pancakes

    2 TB coconut flour
    1 egg, 2 whites
    1/2 c. blackberries, fresh or partially frozen
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    pinch of salt
    few drops of liquid stevia, or other sweetener of your choice
    3 TB water, milk or non-dairy milk
    Real Good Primal Food

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    I have used the recipe from Bruce Fife's cookbook rather than the PB one (which seems to have more liquid, less egg ratio) which I loved. I think it makes a big difference what brand of coconut flour is used. I used Bob's Red Mill which is ground quite fine, but very dry as indicated above. Also, the batter needs to rest a bit to let the coconut flour absorb the liquids.

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    I thought they were pretty good. Maybe it's the word "pancakes" which in my mind is a nice stack of fluffy, thin 4" sized rounds. These ain't them. Perhaps "pan cakes" would be more accurate? I didn't eat them like traditional pancakes either but rather as a hand-held bready thing which was pretty tasty with some butter and cinnamon or topped with homemade pear sauce on it.

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    What specifically was wrong with them/didn't you like? It's be a whole lot easier to tell if you did something wrong, what to tweak, etc, if we knew what you didn't care for!

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    I didn't like the texture or the taste really. I bought the Tropical Traditions coconut flour and I used coconut oil for the oil. I cook with coconut oil all the time and drinking it in my coffee so don't think it was that. I actually fed the pancakes to the chickens. Didn't even try to pass them off on the kids. They usually are less than thrilled with my experimental cooking. lol I have Bruce Fife's book maybe I will give his a try.

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    I'm not a big fan of coconut flour..I know a lot of people love it here but I'm just not into the texture..I've tried all the tricks to make it more moist etc..I'm just not a fan. I'd rather just not have pancakes. Or have the real thing like once every few months or whatever.
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    This is the first time I have used straight coconut flour. I have a coconut flour blend, which is gluten free. I have made my blueberry muffins with that and they were fine. They did get kinda crumbly after the first day, but still tasted good. I will have to try some other recipes with the coconut flour and see what happens.

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    I too hated them (twice). Today I did an easy almond meal pancake. 3 eggs, 1c almond meal, 1/8 tsp. vanilla, 1/8 tsp cinnamon. mixit & drop em on the griddle. I added frozen (still) blueberries once on the griddle. After flipping, add a little butter to the top & thats it. I like these way better than the cakey coconut ones. They are a little dry thought but thats what the butters for. BTW dont the side of bacon or some salty protien.
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