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Thread: My New Type 1 Diabetes Blog - Primal, too!

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    Smile My New Type 1 Diabetes Blog - Primal, too!

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    Hey Everyone! I've been eating primal for almost a year now - but I just started a blog to chronicle my experience living as a Type 1 diabetic for the past 16 years. There's so much background that I am rarely able to talk to people about it without launching into an uber-long explanation, so I thought I'd start blogging instead and see how it goes.

    Check it out -

    Thanks for helping me launch it into the world!

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    SK1- thanks for the hello on my m&g post. I was wondering if you've seen the post by lil_earthmomma about her husband and his diabetes? It was around Jan. or Feb. and I found it by searching type 1 on the blogs. I replied to her but haven't heard anything, probably because it's august now. Still, it's a fascinating post and makes me wonder how he's doing now.

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