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Thread: home jungle gym - must haves?

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    home jungle gym - must haves?

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    i recently got permission to build a home jungle gym in my back yard. so i want to know what sorts of things i should put on it. current ideas:

    pull-up bar
    monkey bars (on an incline, maybe?)
    climbing rope
    hooks to attach fighting rope to
    i thought of putting a ninja warrior-esque 'salmon ladder' on
    a box to keep sandbags, kettlebells, slosh tubes, etc. inside
    peg wall
    climbing wall (maybe just plywood with little finger holds made from 2x4 on it)
    plyo boxes
    tractor tire w/sledge

    ...any other ideas/advice on how to build something like this? has anybody ever build something similar?

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    You're gonna love this... it's an album from a user (not me) at another fitness site I frequent. Have a look. You might have to register to view the pics, but the site is free...
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    OMG... If I wasn't renting, I'd have something like this made... the whole family would have a blast!

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    Plus I would want a trampoline!

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    YES! that's what i'm looking for! thank you so much!

    i want mine to be very similar, but in a 'ring' (of course, the ring will be square, but it will circle and empty center where i want my rope/rings to hang down). this has a lot of good ideas and is something to show to my dad (i'd be building it as his house) to let him know it can be pretty ascetically pleasing, as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinmama View Post
    Plus I would want a trampoline!
    he has a trampoline in his setup
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    Weldon nice idea dude, Keep it up.
    But 1 thing that i want to say this is danger work that you are going to do. Its pretty conscious game.
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    Something for parkour

    A big all (3-4 m) for wall runs
    A shorter wall (1 m ish) for vaults or on Facebook here

    My training journal if anyone is interested

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    a pet monkey

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    String a rope to balance on. Good pic of Mark and son in 21-day Transformation.
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