I'm just getting into the primal lifestyle - started on July 2 and kind of eased into it as I learned more and more about what to and not to eat. I would say on average for this month I've probably been about 70%/30%, but it's a little hard to guess.

About two weeks in, I experienced the lo-carb flu that everyone talks about - I was exhausted and couldn't concentrate, and that lasted several days. Then I started to feel better and had more energy, but certainly not the boundless energy that converts talk about. So, I figure I'm still going through that transitional phase.

What's worrying me is that my depression has been worsening gradually all this time, and the last few days I feel about as bad as I did when I finally broke down and went to the doctor last summer. I've been on anti-depressants for one year now, and they've been working great up until now.

Could this just be part of the transitional phase as my body adjusts? Has anyone else had this experience? All I read about is how everyone's depression magically went away, so this is especially concerning. Is primal eating messing with my brain chemistry?

(Notes - I gave up Diet Coke (6 or so per day) at the beginning of this month also. I exercise five mornings a week - three of those are heavy weight lifting and the other two are yoga or light cardio of some fun nature. I am also on hormone replacement therapy due to early onset menopause (at 38) I'm 41 now)

I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone could give me - I'm miserable today and very worried about backsliding on the depression.