Since its no longer May and I'm turning over a new leaf, it was time to restart my journaling with a new post.

Previous musings

Last week was supposed to be our summer vacation, but being jobless put a serious damper on our plans. I put lots of things aside and joined my wife and daughter in going with the flow. We went to the beach, hung out, saw a movie, and had a great time. The week was bookended with bbqs and parties, so I followed the 80/20 rule and had fun.

We ended our week by having some friends and family over, and I fired up my smoker for some tasty meats. Pork shoulder, chuck roast, and a chicken would provide some excellent leftovers for getting back into the primal groove.

I had realized that over the last few weeks I had been enjoying berries that were in season and became a bit too relaxed with food, but had been maintaining a primal focus. I was determined to get back on track with the start of the new week.

Monday 7/26-

L-8 oz pulled pork, 3 oz carrot salad, 7 oz cucumbers and vinegar
Snack - celery with yogurt cheese
PWO- 8 oz smoked chicken thighs
D- 1 c greek yogurt, 1 serving vanilla protein powder

WOD: 3.5 hours of lawn mowing (bagged, not propelled)
1.25 hours MMA class (striking)

1875 calories
118.5 g fat (58%)
25.7 g carbs (6%)
159.7 g protein (36%)

Was bummed that I didn't get a run and session of simplefit in, but I was working on resumes and yard work. I was quite pleased to notice half way through my MMA class that the odd taste I had in my mouth wasn't a manky mouth guard, but the taste of having fallen back into ketosis. It had been a while and I found it comforting.

Tuesday 7/27-

L-BAS 8 oz smoked chuck, 3 oz spinach, blue cheese dressing
Snack - celery with yogurt cheese
PWO- 8 oz smoked chicken thighs
D- 12 oz pulled pork, a taste of corn salad to appease my wife, grilled broccoli, onion and red pepper

WOD: 3.5 mile run, simplefit L2, R3

2406 calories
171.8 g fat (65%)
48.1 g carbs (7%)
157.1 g protein (27%)

Sill enjoying the taste of ketosis. More resume and job stuff. Finally installed a rotisserie kit I recently bought on a grill I've been fixing up. I'm dying to roast a leg of lamb.

Wednesday 7/27-

L-BAS 8 oz pulled pork, 6 oz carrot salad, blue cheese dressing
Snack - celery with yogurt cheese
D- 12 oz smoked chuck, 10 oz green beans

WOD: 5x5 lifting
3-2 min rounds w/heavy bag

2273 calories
158.2 g fat (63%)
38.4 g carbs (6%)
165 g protein (30%)

Stupid hot today. Job hunting and loafing around. I stumbled upon the original version of Planet of the Apes and had to watch it.