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    Explaining Grains

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    Hi all!

    My work roommate and I differ greatly on what is healthy. For example: she always poo poos my bacon and beef eating habits mumbling something about saturated fat and cholesterol, then goes on about how she had granola for breakfast, some whole grain bread at lunch and some brown rice for dinner. Her dinners often cosist of veggies, brown rice and that's it. I get that everyone is different, and so I bite my tongue. Today, we were talking about carbs and how I don't eat them and she brought up grains. "So what about grains?" "Nope, no grains" "WHAT???!?!?! Why not?" She was horrified that I might be damaging myself by not eating grains and she wants to know why I don't.

    Here is where you guys come in -- she is a MAJOR doubter in everything, not just this. I wish I could just direct her to this blog and all would be well but, no offense against Mark, she won't buy it. She'll need multiple sources and they'll have to be doctors or other health professionals (I know, I know...). Give me your best source and please help me educate her. She asked for it!

    Thanks so much Primal friends!!

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    Why bother? Let her be...

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    Gary Taubes, Good Calories Bad Calories
    Doctor Eades, there are two of them, Husband and Wife Team just google them

    That should get you started
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    I say ignore her, and enjoy your excellent cholesterol levels and un-rotten teeth.
    Remember, you are unique just like everybody else.

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    Lyle Mcdonald has some good writeups on carb/protein/fats (google Lyle McDonald primer), and surprisingly takes a very middle-of-the-road approach to them (ie: not extremist). Your work-buddy, hopefully, won't be turned off by it (as its not anti-carb or anti-fat, more context based).

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    I would go for the grain products have plenty of calories but arent comparitively nutrient dense when compared to veg/meat

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    Explain it to her by leading by example
    Find me at Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelA View Post
    Why bother? Let her be...
    2nd. Do your thing happily and silently, discussing only other topics and having an otherwise fun engaging time with her.

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    I lean a bit toward the "why bother?" crowd. Though, you could send her to this Whole Health Source post which discusses the traditional methods used to prepare grains making their nutrients more bioavailable. This could cause her to open her mind up a bit.

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