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    eating more fat = nausea

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    Hi all ~
    So I'm not eating completely primal, but mostly (transitioning). Prior to eating this way, I wasn't eating a lot of healthy fat (or fat in general). I purchased flax oil, olive oil, and fish oil capsules as a way of incorporating healthy fats into my diet. Added the oils to meals and not in huge doses (maybe 2 tablespoons a day total) and have been eating nuts to also supplement. Have noticed that I feel nauseous almost constantly lately and have this filmy taste in my mouth - my body is not liking fats! Is this just due to restricting fats in the past or could there be something more going on here? Is this common? How likely is it that my body will adjust if I ease into fat consumption more gradually?

    That said, prior to this I was eating fat, just not on a regular basis/not necessarily healthy fats. However, I could consume french fries and the like with no real issues. Hmm...?

    Someone please let me know what to do about this. I hate feeling sick

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    too many nuts and olive oil will make my head feel fuzzy and I get kind of nauseous. I think its the poor omega ratios of these foods compared to saturated fat sources. I would recommend going days completely nut and olive oil free....and getting your fat mainly from animal flesh and butter or coconut oil, and see if you feel better that way.

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    ^ that and it may take a bit for your body to get used to ingesting more fat than its used to. You may want to get some digestive enzymes to help the process along.
    I try not to eat a lot of nuts myself. They do leave a filmy taste in my mouth that a fatty piece of steak or bacon doesn't.
    Calm the f**k down.

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    my stomach took a few days to adjust to eating more fat, but after that it's been just fine.

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