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Thread: Primal clothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by texas.grok View Post
    Sorry to revive an older thread but I have recently signed up and trying to get caught up. I'm looking into the more primal clothing myself. When I'm off I seldom have on more than shorts and tshirt. What I'm looking for is some type of bag to carry what I would normally carry in my pockets. Guess I'm looking for a man bag that doesn't look like a man bag. Part of this is so I can wear simplier clothes but also so that I don't have to switch everything around when I change pants. Any ideas?
    If you want to look really prehistoric some kind of leather sack would be good - something like one of the last two items on this page:

    A repro. Civil War haversack would look simple and masculine, too. Lots of companies do those - e.g., here in plain canvas or tarred:

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    The rabbit cloak sounds like it'd be fun to reverse engineer and make. As to the pants, are you talking something similar to the fisherman's pants, but crotchless with a long strip of fabric sewn in the back to act as a breechclout? Or something that opened is essentially some fabric twine and 3 separate sheets of fabric and when folded leaves the inner leg open, but protects everything else?
    I'm playing around with a design I've had in my head for a while: a deconstructable coat. The outer layer would be leather. Under that would be a zip- out lighter jacket (I'm thinking denim or something to that effect.) The jacket would have a zip out flannel liner and detachable sleeves. It would have snaps at the ends of the sleeves to snap into gloves, zip shut with a flap over the zipper, and be as unbulky as I could get it. I'm trying to figure out how to make it fully adjustable: wear it with the jacket, but not the liner; with the liner but not the jacket, with "growth pleats" to be able to wear heavy sweaters under it without it being overly bulky when not wearing sweater. Plenty of interior/ exterior pockets for storage, including a couple special pockets I'm toying with: A pocket under the neck for something similar to a caamlbak pouch, a few small thin pockets for putting self heating pads in, and a pocket on the outside large enough for a decent size hardback book (expandable, of course.)
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