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    One thing that I'm still thinking about is that most clothing we're familiar with is post-agricultural in nature. Modern clothing that fits the lifestyle is fine, but I'm also interested in ancient clothing itself.

    Early pre-agricultural clothing was probably sewn from leather, since that's what was widely available as a wrapping. I've seen some clothing in tropical areas sewn from large leaves, as well; in temperate areas basketry techniques were used to weave gathered fibers into mats (my father's tribe used them as aprons and cloaks). But woven cloth (which developed from the woven fiber mats) from cultivated fibers made possible pieced and fitted clothing, which is what we wear now.

    There's not a lot of good information on ancient clothing. Ötzi the iceman had well-preserved clothing, so we know what at least one person was wearing 5300 years ago or so.

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    Check out the cottage industry 100% cotton fabrics, very nonrestrictive and functional.

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    Expensive though. Are they durable?</blockquote>

    Seem to be holding up pretty well. I&#39;ve had them for nearly 2 years and worn them a fair bit.

    I decided I needed a few more and put an order in a few days ago...

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    • Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . • Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . • Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
    • Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)

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    I am a big fan of merino wool clothes. Most of my tops are made from merino and its perfect for winter and summer. It&#39;s not really primal in terms of being &#39;ancient&#39; or in ancient styles, but it is natural and wears very very well, and is not as hard to clean and care for as traditional woolen clothing.

    I also really like possum fibre and leather. This is New Zealand possum (which are actually Australian). Here they are a big pest and damage our native widelife and trees. They have great fur which combines well with merino to make brialliant scarves, gloves, hats etc. Also their leather is fantastic.

    I&#39;m not really much of a fan of cotton, although it is what most of my pants are made from. In summer I wear more skirts (more fabric options here), but in winter it is just jeans and warm track pants.

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    I have been interested in the Thai fishermen&#39;s pants for some time, but haven&#39;t gotten any as the sizes don&#39;t seem to go high enough. My hips are far, far wider than my waist, so I always have to buy larger and then cinch things in.

    edit: Ok... so looking at that link... one might think they&#39;d be wide enough. LOL

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    Well, the Caloosa Indians here in SW Florida used.....usually nothing, AFAIK. That&#39;s my kind of apparel although not very socially acceptable.

    Spanish moss inner fibers can be woven, I&#39;ve read. And some palms make little patches of literally already woven fibers, very weak though. I&#39;m sure that with a lot of time on their hands (the food was EVERYwhere)they figured out some alternatives to nudity.

    My favorite miracle fiber is hemp. I have one shirt, 50-50 hemp and cotton and even with the latter, it&#39;s a whole different animal. The coolest shirt I own. In second place and almost the same is the very Primal Polyester! Snark. Then Dacron Hawaiian shirts, then cotton blends. August in Florida, you notice these things.

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    A lot of good info. I am bumping this old thread since I have questions about the fisherman pants.

    What would be the best method in purchasing them in the US? I checked eBay, and they have good variety but many of them ship straight from Thailand. I never ordered anything internationally, how much should I expect the import fees to be?

    Should I stick to US sellers (eBay or Brick and Mortar)? Are there any material/style info I should be aware of when buying? I also live in the SF Bay Area. There are plenty of Asian stores here, perhaps someone knows one that specializes in this type of clothing.

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    I sew a lot of my clothes, and I only use natural fibers, so I guess thats pretty primal! I have this HUGE hatred of anything polyester or synthetic LOL!! One of my wierd quirks! I love silk, cotton, wool, and bamboo, though! Alpaca yarn is really nice for warm winter things like scarves and mittens--it dries really quick, and gets this cool "halo" of fuzz around it when it gets damp from the snow.

    For those people who were talking about Thai fisherman pants, I know I&#39;ve seen a lot of sellers on that are selling them in all different sizes and colors and fabrics--definitly worth a look!

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    Sorry to revive an older thread but I have recently signed up and trying to get caught up. I'm looking into the more primal clothing myself. When I'm off I seldom have on more than shorts and tshirt. What I'm looking for is some type of bag to carry what I would normally carry in my pockets. Guess I'm looking for a man bag that doesn't look like a man bag. Part of this is so I can wear simplier clothes but also so that I don't have to switch everything around when I change pants. Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by umuhk View Post
    For my part I wear little clothing when possible
    My hubby is always encouraging me to embrace this philosophy LOL

    Honestly, I don't give too much thought to it. I work from home and have always been a casual person, so I'm a jeans, t-shirt and pony tail kinda girl. I should be part owner of shirt.woot by now. <rolling eyes> Rarely does make-up ever touch my face.

    shoes of choice are VFFs or crocs. I absolutely can not go barefoot. Nuh-uh. No way. The *thought* of dirt on my feet makes my heart skip a beat.
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