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Thread: What Is The Worst (Unhealthiest) Thing You Ate Before PB page

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    What Is The Worst (Unhealthiest) Thing You Ate Before PB

    I'll go first.

    Back when I was fat I used to buy a box of these mozzarella filled breadsticks. There would be six of them in a box and the suggested serving was one. I ate all six. It was my "friday treat" dinner and I would eat all six and dip them in salsa or nacho cheese (whatever I had) along with two (or more) mt. dews.

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    I used to eat 3 donuts for lunch.

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    Tacos for supper. It wouldn't have been so bad, but we fried the shells in corn oil. I would eat like, 3 of them for dinner. So impossibly bad for you. Just thinking about it makes my arteries clog up.

    The real kicker is, we used to have tacos for dinner a few times a week. XD

    Also, little Debbie cakes. Drank my own weight in Dr.pepper also.
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    I've never really been able to take the fried foods route, thanks to an allergy to bad fats (no, really, I'm being serious.) My worst was at the fair. Every year I went I had to have the funnel cake (which I always paid for in spades, but it was "worth it") and the chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. A couple years ago, I met up with fried oreos and was in hog heaven. I paid the next day with a headache and throwing up, but that was just "part of the fair experience" for me.
    The common worst food I'd have was pizza rolls. One bag was how many servings? I dunno, because it never made it past 1. Did that every few weeks.
    Forgot about the Dr. Pepper every few days in college.
    Finals weeks in college I lived on DP, Penguins, Bawls, and Pizza rolls. *shudder*
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    Ramen for lunch. I'd add kimchi. I miss that lunch.

    Blue Monster like it was going out of style.

    Pizzeria Pretzel Combos. (occasional)

    Candy, candy, candy. Most days I ate some type of candy.

    Slim Fast shake, pretty regularly.
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    sunday mornings i'd walk to the bakery and buy 6 maple log donuts and eat them all.

    high school:
    lunches were usually a hamburger, suzy Q-s, and a chocolate milkshake.
    senior year, i was allowed to leave for lunch, so i'd hit taco bell and get a dozen tacos.

    i got up to consuming 2 liters of mountain dew a day. no water.
    i rarely hit the grocery store. i'd usually just go to the quickie mart and a typical day's nutrition would be salt and vinegar potato chips, beef jerky, string cheese, and whatever processed chocolate substance i could get my hands on.

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    My pre-primal worst, I blame T Colin Campbell: Heaps of brown rice and black beans (because you need the fiber), steamed veggies with no butter or bacon to make them yummy, and for dessert 2 cups of fruit including bananas. For being so virtuous 1, make that 2 TJ's chocolate almond clusters (okay, so sometime 3). Within an hour or so, I would go hunting the microwave popcorn. Sigh...

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    As much bread as my stomach could hold.

    Half a jar of peanut butter w/ one carrot to scoop it out.

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    Soy milk.
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    Jalapeño poppers
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