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Thread: Raw yogurt.

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    Raw yogurt.

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    I bought some fresh yogurt from a local farm the other day. At first, it's was completely runny, but now, it's starting to clump. These clumps have a "gritty" consistency. Is this is a sign of spoilage, or is it still good to eat?

    As a side note, I apologize for posting so many questions like this, but I'm fairly new to the world of animal foods (I've only been eating meat since February), and I tend to approach new foods cautiously. Haha.

    Thanks! :]

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    okay, so we used to get raw milk/yogurt from our herdshare group. it was just as you described. they must use some sort of thickener. it should be a-ok;-)
    congrats on makin' the switch!

    p.s. just stir real good.
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    I make my own yogurt. It thikens especially if refrigerated and by time. Perfectly safe to eat. Enjoy. Look for the level up called Kefir.

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    I take it doesn't have an offensive smell. I think being quite acid yoghurt doesn't spoil very easily. Maybe their culture's not very good. Or maybe some parameter, such as the heat the yoghurt is "incubated" at, is slightly sub-optimal. When people make yoghurt at home, it's often rather runny. It's evidently a tricky thing to get exactly right. I don't know why the consistency should change - maybe what Shannon suggests.

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