Hello everyone,
Thought I'd do a quick intro and I wanted to share some news that I believe this forum can get behind. I got interested in primal/paleo via a Crossfit friend (her affiliate team just took first at the games). To be brief, went vegetarian when I married and noticed bad changes (hypoglycemia went ugly, always sick, no energy, and emotionally I just felt "off"); made changes whilst still being veggie and no improvement. Was diagnosed with severe anemia...started eating meat and noticed a change. Read the "Vegetarian Myth" and the "Primal Blueprint" and left them out for husband to find. We both changed (he's coming off 14+ years of chip and dip vegetarianism --me only "five-ish" I work on a campus and free food is free food).
I'm only a few months in and I feel like a monkey again! Energy, enthusiasm, and the immense satisfaction of watching my husband not only feel better, but believe he can lose the weight that's plagued him. He's already lost some weight, feels more energetic and his knees no longer hurt!

So, I just wanted to say this is such a great community! I'm blown away by the support, intelligence and passion here. So many of you are inspirations. Finally, my Mum and sister, both carb-addicts went primal a fortnight ago! And they're going strong!

The best to all!