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Thread: Help!

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    So after some decisions I decided to return to my momīs house afer a health tenure of living alone.

    In no way this is a permanent decision.

    But, does anyone have a insight if living close to your family is better for you, on "Grok" terms?.

    I remember reading something about but I cant seem to find it, about how in tribes the family is very important and they really never leave the nest, they just pass the torch in the provider role.

    Also a good pros list will help .


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    #1 Dont unpack
    #2 shop & cook for yourself
    #3 dont bother trying to change them or anyone else.
    #4 go for LONG walks at night
    #5 move out as fast as possible

    BTW this would be the advise I would want if I was moving in with "my" Mother. Yours might be a saint.
    "Don't dream it, be it"

    -Dr. Frank-N-Furter

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    Well she did started to cry when I told her, I would like to think that she was happy.

    She is sort of a saint.

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