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Thread: what do I tell the butcher? Steer going to slaughter Thursday. page

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    what do I tell the butcher? Steer going to slaughter Thursday.

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    OK, I searched the FAQ and whatnot and didn't find an answer to this - if anyone knows a thread that answers this question, please give me a headsup.

    I bought a steer, going to slaughter in a couple of days. I already know to ask the butcher for all the organs and fat - anything else to consider?

    FWIW, it's .99/# on the hoof, plus processing is .60/# , the rancher does this as a hobby, the animal is an Angus cross, grass fed, no antibiotics or hormones.07-26-10_0914..jpg

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    Soup bones?

    How cool!!

    Sorry I don't have anything more useful to add besides drooling at the thought of all the beef/organ/marrow... uh... yup.

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    Basically, I told the butcher DON'T WASTE ANYTHING. That seemed to do the trick.

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    I haven't actually done this, but I was told the butcher can provide a "cut" sheet and you just have to make your choices.
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    it depends on what you like.
    i do not like long cooked meat so this year i ordered burger and steaks along w organs, bones and such.

    otherwise butchers have a pretty standard method and usually ask you about certain quantities of roasts/burger. also about types of steak; some are obvious but there's chuck steak which some may not prefer......

    just call the butcher and they'll give you some good info.

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