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Thread: What % of fats are saturated?

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    What % of fats are saturated?

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    What percentage of the fats you consume are saturated? This issue seems to go both ways, and I would love anyone's reason for why they keep that ratio...

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    most of them? I eat beef, fish, chicken, pork, eggs, butter, cream, cheese, coconut, nuts, and olive oil. Most of this fat is saturated, and the PUFAs coming mostly from the chicken, pork, nuts, and olive oil, primarily. I also believe macadamias, olive oil, and avocado are partly monounsaturated too, so theres that to consider. short answer: I have no idea the exact amount. I eat anywhere from 60-170 grams of fat a day.
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    humm....I would more than half of my fats are saturated, since I eat fatty cuts of meat and consume coconut oil, milk, heavy cream, etc. I would say I consume way over 80 grams of saturated fat, though I have never checked the exact amount or percentage.
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    I dont count the amount of sat-fat i get nor do i actively try eat it like today im gonna hit 50g of sat-fat i think more on the lines of i think im gonna eat a pound of beef tonight. And reap those rewards.

    P.S i saw this and thought it was really funny

    I particularly like the name of the guy that they are taking nutritional advice from.

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    I would guess around half the fat I eat. Since butter is 60-70% saturated, meat is 40-50% saturated, eggs are 30-40% saturated, and fish are 25-30% saturated.

    My rationale is 1) saturated fats are least susceptible to damage. 2) historically humans have gotten fats from animal sources, which tend to be highly saturated. 3) Foods that are high PUFA tend to be naturally high in saturated fats, I try to avoid PUFA rich foods to avoid inflammation.

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