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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (Dan Morgan)

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    Hi everyone, I'm Dan. I found this site a couple of months ago and I think it's great. I'm an 18 year old student who is going to university next year to study theoretical physics, but I also have a great interest in health and fitness!!

    Some stats:

    Age: 18

    Height: 6'1/1.85m

    Weight: 187lbs/85kg

    BF %: About 10-11%

    I do as much sport as I can, I played national league basketball until a year ago and have been competing in triathlon for a year or so, I also like to strength train and do lots of calisthenics, and I have recently been experimenting with Crossfit.

    My goals for the challenge are to keep daily carbs under 150g, keep protein intake daily over 200g, while sticking to the Primal Blueprint nutrition guidelines, and keeping calories at about 3000 daily.

    I want to carry on with my exercise regime with a mixture of swimming,biking, running, weights, calisthenics and crossfit.

    I'd ideally like to be a bit more 'ripped' but performance comes first, if I keep hitting PRs, I'll be pleased.

    My PRs are:

    Max pull ups: 10 (12)

    Max ring dips: 6 (10)

    2min press ups: 43 (60)

    2min sit ups: 39 (60)

    Max deadlift: 160kg/352lbs (170kg)

    Max squat: 137.5kg/303lbs (150kg)

    Max overhead press: 65kg/143lbs (70kg)

    Max bench press: 102.5kg/226lbs (110kg)

    400m run 1:13 (1:10)

    1 mile run: 6:48 (6:00)

    5k run: 23:52 (22:59)

    10k run: 53:00 (50:00)

    Half marathon 2:09 (2:00)

    10 Mile bike 28:43 (28:00)

    Fran 18:18 (15:00)

    Grace 10:47 (8:00)

    Goals in (brackets)

    In a week I'll be going wild camping to the lake district, can't wait for that! So I won't be logging obviously, and my diet might take a bit of a hit, ie, not as many fresh veggies as i'd like. On the plus side, hiking through the mountains and sleeping under the stars for a week will feel pretty primal, and it will make a good oppurtunity to get some great footage for today's challenge

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    Yesterday, day 1:


    B: Whey powder, natural yoghurt, peanut butter, raspberries

    S: Bacon, houmous, red pepper

    L: Chicken satay, coleslaw, whey powder, tomatoes

    S: cheese omelette

    D: Lasagna (my mum cooked it, couldn't refuse!), green salad

    WOD: 400m and 100m sprints at the track, did 'Grace' (30 60kg clean and jerks for time) on Sunday, and my hamstrings were SO sore!

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    Day 2: Tuesday 4th August


    B: Banana, whey protein, natural yoghurt, peanut butter

    S: Chicken breast, mayo, coleslaw, red and yellow peppers

    L: Bacon, chicken satay, houmous, cucumber, lettuce

    S: Whey powder, almonds

    D: Roasted veggies and chicken

    S: Carrots

    Calories: 2942 From fat: 1693.39 (188.07g, 57.56%)

    Carbs: 441.97 (110.44g, 15.02%) Protein: 806.64 (201.57g, 27.42%)

    WOD: Rest day, hamstrings are SO sore. I want to try 'modified murph' tomorrow.

    I am so excited to make a Primal workout video, it's gona be fun!

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    Day 3: Wednesday 5th August


    B: Blueberries, peanut butter, natural yoghurt, whey powder

    L: Chicken satay, coleslaw, scrambled egg, olive oil, peppers,

    S: Chicken satay, whey powder, almonds, tomato

    D: stir fried veggies and pork

    S: chicken breast, mayo, lettuce and whey powder

    Calories: 3072 From fat: 1910.25 (210.76g, 62.18%)

    Carbs: 371.98 (92.34g, 12.11%) Protein: 789.77 (196.06g, 25.71%)

    WOD: Tried to do 'modified Murph' which is 800m run, 50 pullups, 800m run, 100 situps, 800m run, 100 push ups, 800m run.

    However, I did the first 800m run, and my hamstrings were clearly still not recovered! So I skipped the running parts and just did the calisthenics, it took me about 20 minutes. I want to get under 30 with the running next time I do this.

    I was taking a look at the Gym Jones website today, it seems very elitist, but there is something I like about it. Some of the articles are very thought provoking and motivating.

    Check it out:

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    Day 4: Thursday 6th August


    B: Blueberries, yoghurt, whey powder, peanut butter

    L: Coleslaw, scramled egg, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, whey powder

    S: Chicken breast, mayonnaise, lettuce

    D: Chili con carne with beef and some bombay mix

    S: Whey powder, yoghurt, tomatoes

    Calories: 2932 From fat: 1614.78 (177.84g, 55.07%)

    Carbs: 576.09 (142.75g, 19.65%) Protein: 741.14 (183.65g, 25.28%)

    WOD: Got lazy today, did a quick 5x1 pullups with 20kg dumbell between knees. I want to get a dipping belt so I can really test my 1RM pullup

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    Hi Dan,

    I've always liked the Gym Jones website too. Good job on the dips.

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    Day 5: Friday 7th August

    Had a bit of a cheat meal (or meals!) this evening. Ah well, it's the only one I've had this week, part of my 20%

    B: Blueberries, yoghurt, whey powder, peanut butter

    S: whey powder, yoghurt (post WO)

    L: bacon, scramled egg, lettuce, tomato

    D; Enchiladas

    D2(lol): Chicken and vegetable curry with nan bread

    Calories: 3217 From fat: 1519.28 (171.17g, 47.23%)

    Carbs: 977.64 (247.83g, 30.39%) Protein: 720.08 (182.54g, 22.38%)


    1: 5 Mile run TT, time: 38.14

    2: Strength workout: 10x2 front squats, speed sets, 60kg

    5x5 Bench press with 82.5kg

    15x1 DL with 95kg, speed sets

    Good day working out wise, cheated with the diet, but ah well, it was worth it

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    Day 6 Saturday 8th August


    B: Coleslaw, Whey

    L: Bacon, scramled egg and tomatoes

    S: cheese, coleslaw, whey

    D: turkey, whey, lettuce, mayo

    S: Almonds

    WOD: Cindy, a crossfit workout where you do rounds of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats for 20 minutes.

    I did 11 rounds, not that pleased, but it's the first time I'd done it, so plenty of room for improvement!

    Off to the Lake District tomorrow, wild camping and trekking around for 6 days, gona be very fun, and very Primal!

    Popa Murph, thanks for the comment, did you see the article on the crossfit journal posted today about Gym Jones? Pretty interesting reading!

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    Just got back from my wild camping trip, to discover I have won a copy of the Primal Blueprint for my question that Mark answered in the video, awesome!! I'm so pleased, as I can't find the book in the UK at all.

    WOD for the last 5 days: Hike 5-10 miles up and down hills in the Lake District. Got some pretty cool footage for my Primal Workout Video, and I really want to edit it together well now. Got me doing pushups, burpees and squats with my sack on, running up hills, lifting rocks etc.

    Diet was not that Primal, but then you can't carry fresh fruit and veg for a week in your rucksack! Ate lots of dried fruit, though, but mainly ate rice and curry for meals, and cereal bars and chocolate for snacks. I did stop at a pub for lunch 3 days and had chicken or a burger, so that was all good.

    Back to normal tomorrow!

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    Sunday 16th August


    B: Blueberries, whey, yoghurt, peanut butter

    L: Chicken satay, hard boiled eggs, carrots, almonds, tomatoes

    S: Cheddar and coleslaw and cashews

    D: Roast chicken and gammon with gravy, broccoli, and carrots, apple crumble for pudding and a glass of white wine

    Cant resist a good sunday roast, that meal made the carbs a bit high, ah well, I'll just have to watch the carb levels the rest of the week.

    Calories: 3992 From fat: 2086.94 (226.71g, 52.28%)

    Carbs: 1016.52 (248.46g, 25.46%) Protein: 888.54 (217.18g, 22.26%)

    WOD: Nothing, a rest day after my weeks hiking

    Feels good to get back to a good primal diet again, I've had an outbreak of acne on my thighs, which I'm convinced was partly caused partly by a hormone imbalance caused by my necessary sub par diet last week, as well as just being fairly dirty for a week!

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