Hi All,

Have already done Primal eating, with one cheat day per week, for about a couple of months. Went from 185 to 175 quickly without all the bread. Going to take out the cheat day (Better go apologize to my favorite sushi bar ) and plan to take a picture each week to see progress.


- Eat and Exercise Grok style to get six-pack abs in time for Caribean cruise (1 Month from today).

o Need help choosing goals here. 10% Body fat and 50% Lean Muscle a good goal for this month? Currently 12 and 45.

- Pickup a new sport (looking into Ultimate Frisbee league)

- Set sleep pattern to be more like Grok’s. Early to bed, early to rise.

So here we go:

1: Day 1: Monday, August 3rd, 2009

-B: Eggs with variety of green vegetables and red pepper scrambled in plus Green Tea

-S: Small Pear, Trio Nut/Seed/Fruit bar plus Water

-L: Large Spinach Salad w/ turkey/cucumbers/tomato/orange pepper/mushrooms/Mrs. Dash, a handful of raw almonds plus Water and sugar free gum.

-S: Trio Nut/Seed/Fruit bar, 2 Cucumbers, Water, Gum

-S: Two handfuls of Almonds, two apricots, ˝ cup berries, gum

-D: Roasted Chicken/Mixed vegetables/bowl of berries and orange/carrot juice

-S: More Roasted chicken and some berries

2: WOD:

-Before work:

-At work (desk job :

? Hourly: Walked 5 minutes including stair

? Hourly: 25 Hand Grip Squeezes each hand

-After work:

o Art Devaney Power Law style workout – Upper

? Dumbbell Military Press/Lat Pull Down

? Dumbbell Press / Lat Pull

? Dips / Leg Press

? Incline Sit-ups with weight / Plank

? Dumbbell Curls

3: Journal:

-Wondering if I need more fat in diet to curb hunger cravings. Feel like I eat a lot.

-Craving dark chocolate.

-Workout had great energy then hit a wall. Workout lasted almost an hour, probably went too long. Forearms failed before main muscles failed on some exercises. Will move hand grip squeezes to non lifting days.

-Did not get to bed until late. Took a stemulite pill before going to sleep for what it is worth.

-Want to make the Masaman curry recipe sometime soon.