I'd like to hear stories from those with autoimmune diseases.....specifically how diet has affected your disease.

I guess I'm looking for a little inspiration here.

I have MCTD (like lupus), have been primal since early April 2010, starting at 80% primal now moving up to 99% or so. My least primal part is that I consume dairy, although that is now limited to HWC, occasional full-fat Fage and full-fat cheese once or twice a week.

I'm having fairly consistent flare-ups with fatigue being my worst symptom. I think I started off very hopeful about diet change, maybe a little too optimistic. In the long run, it doesn't matter to me if primal WOE doesn't put me into pure remission because overall I do feel mentally and physically better. But, I'm just looking for some success stories, some positivity, some feeling of community from autoimmune sufferers.