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Thread: Side of Beef

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    Side of Beef

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    I have a side of grass fed beef growing on a beautiful nearby farm, and will get a call from the farmer in early fall that the butcher will be processing the animal. The butcher will do whatever I ask, and I'm looking for advice on how to process all the wonderful "extras" I'll be getting. For example, the offal, the bones, and the fat. I'm sure most of his clients want everything trimmed, won't take the bones, and certainly aren't interested in the offal. I, however, want everything and don't want to waste it.

    Any advice on how to direct the butcher, and how to process the extras in a way that will limit waste will be greatly appreciated.

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    You read my mind!
    I'm taking a steer to slaughter at the beginning of August.... I assume offaly bits will have to be taken away that day in my case??
    Maybe ask the butcher what traditionally happened? If he's....senior enough he may remember what ye olde housewives requested

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    It has never been an issue for me. I just tell them that I want the organs(I don't do testicles though- although I have some lamb testicles in my freezer now). I also ask for the soup bones and fat. Around here you can get the tallow plain or rendered but if it is rendered you can not guarantee that it is the fat from your cow, so better to do it yourself. All my organs have just came individually wrapped(well for beef/lamb/pork) anyway. Chicken livers are so small they don't make much of a meal by themselves.

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    I'll have to ask the slaughterhouse I think. Else the head just gets thrown away whole (I want the tongue!).
    Actually it's a shame I've no means of processing the hide too

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    is the best resource for dealing with the offal. Tooooooons of videos and ideas.

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    My hubby and I have talked quite a bit about getting a steer--need to get a chest freezer first, though--and I know that in the offal, I would want the intestines for making sausages.... Have also thought about a hog and doing the same thing.
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