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Thread: What's with all the coconut milk?

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    What's with all the coconut milk?

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    I'm new to the forum and pretty new to the whole primal philosophy but it seems there is a lot of talk about coconut milk? Why is it such a big deal, and where can I get some cause I love me some coconut.

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    Whole Foods sells a pretty good selection of Coconut milk..I usually just get the 365 value brand version but Thai Kitchen is my favorite..It's usually in the ethnic cooking aisle in cans. It's just delicious and coconut is high in fat and really good for a boost in energy IME and its a very good alternative to milk/cream is you can't do dairy or limiting your dairy.
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    1) It's so darn good!
    2) It's has lots of saturated fat, thus it will give you energy.
    3) You can used it in various Primal recipes!

    What more can you ask for?

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    Oh awesome I'm gonna have to get me some coconut milk then

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    I am wondering too though as it seems pretty high in carbs - but I may just be sensitive to ANY carbs in my labels right now since I am trying to keep them as low as humanly possible.

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    It tastes amazing and is a great dairy substitute for primal cereal (berries + nuts +seeds covered in coconut milk with cinnamon)

    Look for Native Forrest brand coconut milk, its the only canned coconut milk without BPA

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    Spent the last 2 weeks in LA on vacation. I live in Singpore (that's in south east Asia just in case).

    I bought and tried the 2 brands that are found in whole foods and pavilions, namely thai kitchen and 365. All I can say is, if that's all the canned coconut milk/cream you guys have access to, you have not tasted what coconut milk/cream should taste like.

    There's a brand that makes coconut products, amongst other things, called "Ayam Brand" that's sold everywhere in Asia, and they have a line of coconut milk/cream that is first press pure (ingredients read: coconut, water).

    Once you try that, it will be like a veil lifted in front of your eyes, or rather, your taste buds.

    To me, the whole foods coconut milk doesn't taste anything like the real thing. Very watered down taste, the texture is too gummy, not much of the original coconut fragrance.

    Of course, nothing beats making coconut milk from scratch, but that requires a lot of effort.

    Anyway, if you guys come to Asia, check it out. It will certainly change your perception about what coconut milk should taste like.
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    Traveling to asia to pick up my coconut milk is a little outside of our current grocery budget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersellen View Post
    Traveling to asia to pick up my coconut milk is a little outside of our current grocery budget.
    LOL, me too! Though thinking of perusing the Indian and Asian markets around here to see if they carry that brand. My supervisor is Indian and she and her family cook a lot of curries and stuff... might have to ask her what kinds they sell!!
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    I haven't found any coconut milk that taste good around Brisbane in Australia, still looking for one that taste yumm

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