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Thread: Lovelymamu's Primal Journal

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    Lovelymamu's Primal Journal

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    Ok, so after reading the book ( 3 weeks ago ), and obsessing on the website ( for the past 3 weeks ), I am starting my Primal journey tomorrow!!!! I'm weighing in ( yikes) and taking pictures ( even more scary), and I'll be ready to go!!!!
    I've been an athlete all my life, but having 3 kids in the past 5 yrs ( not including the 3 older ones I had 15-22 yrs ago) has really done a number on my body! I've done two 1/2 marathons and 3 sprint triathlons this yr and I'm STILL a good 20-30 lbs over what I should weigh. On top of that..I have 3 kids with gluten intolerance, and 3 kids with OCD and some other isues that I think would benefit from this way of eating.
    So here I go................Wish me luck!!!!

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    13 here's how I did today...

    B ~ 2 eggs with some cheese and 2 slices of bacon
    S ~ 18 almonds
    L ~ Salad w/ turkey, egg, cheese, and tomatoes
    S ~ Turkey roll up
    D ~ In-n-out double double protein style ( SHHHH!) We grabbed something because my husband and 1 of our sons are heading out camping and we ran out of time...I figured that wasn't too bad

    Plugged it into Fitday and ended up with 70% fat 24% protein & 6% carbs...How is that ratio?? Do I need more protein??

    Oh, and I did have a diet coke in the morning, it's my coffee. I am going to wean myself off over the next week or so..

    P.S. I also weighed myself this morning & took pics (HOLY CRAP!)! NOT very happy about either of those things!!! So I need to lose about 27 lbs to get where I want to be..
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    High five for the pics and scale! -its almost a form of punishment, id rather get needled or put in jail haha.
    Dang woman you have got it going on with your competitions! I admire you greatly as a mother and an athlete.
    I babysit for children with attention disorders, and removing gluten from their diet made a HUGE difference. It's tough when other kids commonly eat those types of foods, parties, schoolsetc. but when you can have influence , I say go for it!
    Grok on lovleymamu!
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    Evita ~ Thanks for the encouragement!!! I'm really hoping this change with help my kids. I have a feeling it's going to. It's going to be trickiest with my 14yo I think, but we'll see.
    Also, yes, the pic and scale is DEFINITELY punishment! LOL!!!! But will be worth it when I can actually see a change!

    Thanks Again!

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