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Thread: Need off BP meds?

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    Need off BP meds?

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    I'm a 29 yo female who has been on BP meds since I was 19. Even at my fittest, my BP was always very high. They thought maybe I had an underlying kidney disorder but they checked it twice. I was told it was just what it was. Then, with my second baby two years ago I was induced for sever pre-ecalmpsia (My BP shot to 230/170) and I had to be put on anti-seizure medication during labor (yeah, THAT was fun).

    Anyway, long story not much shorter, since going primal five weeks ago and cutting out all grains and sugar, I've had some symptoms that make me think I may need to switch dosages or meds. I get dizzy when I stand up or bend over and I have to make sure i take my meds AFTER Crossfit or I get too dizzy to even finish the workout.

    Have any of you been able to go off or wean down meds after only five weeks? Or maybe the dizziness is something else? (Also: definitely NOT pregnant again! ha!)

    I've had my pressure taken a few times and it's been normal but I wonder if it's slightly elevated at the doctor and then when I'm at home, resting or during intense training, it's too low?

    I do have an appointment with my doctor on 8/3, so I'm on the ball, no worries!!
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    Yes, I have hypertension and have significantly reduced my meds dose, just remember to slowly lower them.

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