Well... I just read the Primal Blueprint book cover to cover in a day. I can't even express adequately how much sense it made to me. I started yesterday with the primal diet, but a word about the past:

Grew up doing 4-5 hours cardio daily (was a long-distance competitive swimmer)

Had 3 children between the age of 22 and 26, massive weight gain

Fluctuated between 135 (my target weight) and 200 ever since.

At 39, I decided I needed to do a triathlon before 40. Did one, with Team in Training, but immediately ceased most of the exercise when I completed it. Again bounced around from 140 to 160.

Three months ago, with weight again creeping way up (175!) I started to go to acupuncture, to treat depression, anxiety, fatigue and weight gain. So far acupuncture has been AMAZING (and so have the chinese herbs I'm taking in conjunction) but when it came to weight loss, their approach didn't seem workable. It was a severely limited calorie diet with two rice-protein based meal-replacement "shakes" each day, but no restrictions on the type of other calories I was choosing.

The rice protein didn't agree with my system much, so I was yo-yoing between doing it or not - the first week I lost 5 lbs, then the next 10 days I put 2 back on. Disheartened because I was hungry all the time, and the protein was making me sick, I nonetheless went back to the strict diet for another week - then I discovered this book. Bottom line is I like FOOD, not the same boring shake twice a day.

I know it's too soon to tell, but so far so good. I don't have a sweet tooth, so that's good. My activity levels are close to what's recommended, so I am thinking of adding my sprints via swimming - I have the moderate stuff down, and I need to add weight training. The hardest part exercise-wise is that swimming is my main cardio and it's difficult to keep my heart rate within the 55-75 recommended. I tend to go a single speed unless I am all-out sprinting. I think I'll just be doing more backstroke in my workouts.

Incidentally, I have uber-high cholesterol. 283 at age eight, tracked at 462 last year. My doctor (of course) wants me to take statins, but I've always had a gut-feel reaction that it wasn't good. Luckily I have great triglycerides, good blood pressure, etc. - in other words no other risk factors. Am interested to see if the "genetically high" cholesterol I've had my whole life is affected by this diet. I would love to surprise my doctor with that little tidbit.

Anyhow, I will track progress here and would love to hear from others with "genetic" cholesterol like my own, as to their success with primal eating.