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    Is there a VFF-ish product out there...

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    that doesn't actually look like what it is? That is to say, I'd love to buy some VFFs, but couldn't use them at work, where I really need them the most. Anyone know of a shoe that gives all the benefits of barefooting, while still maintaining the appearance of a "normal" shoe?

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    Well, there's a Vivo Barefoot:

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    What about Nike Frees?

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    There's Soft Star Shoes :

    They're more slipper/moccasin type though.

    My brother was a long time Free wearer and now he's a Vivo convert. I can't do Vivo's as they don't make them large enough.
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    The leather dark brown KSO's wouldn't work? I've only 2-3 times fielded comments on them and I've been wearing them daily for a month. As long as I'm wearing them with a long dark skirt, long black pants or jeans they seem fairly invisible. With capri length yoga pants of course they are highlighted.

    Now, it's a different story with my light blue/light green sprints......then I'm talking about them all freaking day long no matter what i'm wearing.

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    If you work in an office, terra plano, sister company to Vivo, makes these - pretty pricy but looks like a dress shoe - no heel, thin vibram sole so should last - also comes in black or brown - very pricy but should last a long time and likely could be resoled.

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