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Thread: I saw someone wearing VFFs in public!

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    ive never seen anyone wearing them, but on the other hand I am the only person ive seen wearing ANY type of barefoot shoe. the guys at the shoe store say they sell like hot cakes but i dont know who is buying them
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    For the all the folks using all kinds of vinegar/baking soda/etc. concoctions to de-funk their VFF's try this; put em in a bucket, cover with water and drop in a couple of denture cleaning tablets. You can thank me later........

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    Quote Originally Posted by iniQuity View Post
    Sometimes to me too honestly! I'd rather just go straight up barefoot you know? This is another one of those things our society is dumb about, nobody would ask me to leave an establishment if I was wearing VFFs, but I run the risk if I'm barefoot... why? my footwear is probably just as dirty if not dirtier than my bare feet.

    Does anybody know of any real reasons, like I know in some cultures feet are offensive, certainly not in America, but are bacterial issues a real concern? I'm unfamiliar if there are bacteria that live exclusively on feet that could pose a threat to others... clearly if that was the case we'd all have perished long ago. Is it then just more of a norm? I should try to do some barefoot food shopping and see what happens...
    I don't know about other stores but we have a no shoes--no service policy because of the hazards that might be on the floor in a big store like ours, where we pull out pallets of freight onto the floor every night. There're also glass shards sometimes if someone breaks something and doesn't clean up very well. Those shards get everywhere. It's a policy to protect the customer from getting hurt and to keep from being sued, essentially.
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    A guy I used to work with wore VFFs to work once and got a lot of comments along the lines of, "Are those shoes?" I don't think he knew about the primal/paleo lifestyle though; he once mentioned that he once tried a low-carb diet but gave up after eating a whole chicken still left him hungry.

    I went hiking in the northern Virginia/Maryland area earlier this summer and saw a couple of men in VFFs. My aunt mentioned that someone at her workplace who is an avid swimmer wears them (not while swimming, though, I don't think!).

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    I saw one guy wearing them on the trails when I was hiking, and during the same trip I had another woman stop and comment because her daughter wears them all the time. Only time. I've gotten more compliments/interest on them than I have weird looks.

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    This thread is close to two years old. Just bringing it back up to see if anything has changed in that time period (meaning, if anyone has seen more people wearing VFFs than they used to).

    I haven't seen anyone wearing them where I live, but I just ordered a pair a few days ago and expect to get comments from other people, especially since I plan to wear them not just when I'm out walking, but also to work. I might have to get a second pair for work, depending on how I like the feel of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanda View Post
    This thread is close to two years old. Just bringing it back up to see if anything has changed in that time period (meaning, if anyone has seen more people wearing VFFs than they used to)..
    Definitely much more popular here. I wouldn't say I see them all the time, but I now am not surprised when I do see a pair. The younger the population of an area, the more likely I spot them. Going to an REI especially in downtown denver will usually result in seeing a bunch of staff wearing them. A couple people at my vet office wear them (techs who are on their feet all day). On the local trails around town I have seen VFF tracks other then mine (lol). Oh, and the apple store nearest us has a couple VFF wearers

    I also rarely get comments or stares on mine anymore. If I do, instead of "what the heck is that!", its usually something like "oh, I have been thinking about trying those, what are your thoughts?".

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    I wear them all summer at the beach. I gave my husband a pair and he wears them while fishing. He walks out on jettys made of slippery mossy rocks and the vff are much better than wearing korkers (studded cleats that strap on to the bottoms of your shoes).

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    While I do wear them out from time to time, I only see a few others doing so....but I am starting to see more of them being worn in public....mainly at the gym though, but also out and about on the town.
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    We had a couple of inches of snow the other day and when I left work, I noticed VFF tracks in the snow that someone had left. Mde me grin.

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